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This is the episode that has become essential listening for anyone who wants to know that they WILL be able to make professional quality records at home simply and affordably.

Owen Critchley Easy Home Recording Podcast

Listen Now To Episode #1: “Let’s Record A Song. Simply”

In this first episode, let’s look at the making of a studio quality home recording of a song. But, the interesting thing about this project is that I recorded and mixed the whole project using a single $90 mic, 2 cables, free recording software (Garageband) and… an iPhone.

I was asked to re-imagine the Tom Petty/Jeff Lynne song, “I Won’t Back Down” in a darker, trippy, moody and more modern style.

Listen to the podcast and then I’ll include a list – sort of a cheatsheet – of the important points covered in each episode.

Here we go…

  1. Podcast 1: Let's Record A Song. Simply Owen Critchley 29:58
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Episode 1 Cheatsheet

– we achieve a studio-quality recording using an extremely simple home studio setup

– we find out why imagining the sound of your finished recording, before you even start, is so important in getting the type of recording you want

– we learn why recording the lead vocal very early in the project is important and a smart thing to do

– we find out that if someone could only own one cheap mic, it should probably be this one

– we find out why an iPhone can be such a useful part of song-creation and a home recording setup

– we find out how just a few well chosen tracks can make for a huge sounding production

About THE Easy Home Recording Podcast Series

The first thing you need to know is that the philosophy behind my home recording method is simplicity. Because I believe that the simpler the recording process is, the more creativity is able to flow.

Also, the more successful I am in proving to you that recording doesn’t have to be rocket science, and that damn good records are being made using even a single mic, a couple of cables and free recording software, then more songwriters will record their songs. And that means more good songs will be able to be heard. And that’s important to me.

The second thing you need to know is that I’ll be showing you real world recordings for real projects. This is also important, because I want you to feel sure that these techniques we’ll be looking at are ones you can use to make records of your own songs and music that you can play for anyone with confidence.

Welcome To THE Easy Home Recording Podcast