Messages From Songwriters Using The Home Recording Blueprint

There’s no better way to describe what it’s like to use the simple, perfect method of The Easy Home Recording Blueprint, than to hear from actual folks using the Blueprint method to record and mix their own songs and music.

Here are a few videos and messages that members of The Home Recording Blueprint community wanted me to share with you.

Notes received from songwriters and musicians who have followed The Easy Home Recording Blueprint Method:

"OMG Owen...I am on my knees in tears right now (tears of joy!!) Finally it sounds right. You don't know how much this means to me..really. Thank you so much."
LJ Copas
"Owen, Because of your simple method, I am now armed with a home recording arsenal of knowledge, direction and power. Thanks for sharing this very valuable information and techniques. I am inspired and this year looks very bright. By the way, your Getting Heard Series is masterful."
Hessen Riff
"Hi Owen, thanks for sharing your knowledge base and experience. You have simplified and de-mystified the home recording process. You've offered a great pathway via your Blueprint method. Again, thanks!"
"Owen... you have demonstrated that you really care about everyone who uses your recording methods. You are the real deal and I appreciate people like yourself! God bless you and everything you share with others. Thanks, friend. I feel like I can call you that, bro!"
Marcelo M
Rio De Janeiro
"Dear Owen, I'm writing to tell you that I'm completely amazed by your method. THANKS again... The world would be a better place, if there was more people just like you, who are able to share their vision and help others, to achieve their dreams... Greetings from Rio."
Ernie Burgers
"I have found the Blueprint and Owen very helpful, and I have now made 140 recordings to date. I have been very impressed and am very appreciative of Owen's personal interest, advice and professional input. Many thanks Owen!"
Randy Bishop
"Owen Critchley has given me so many great tips about how to improve my recordings. His recording techniques are easy to do and really add a professional sound to my tracks. Owen is always available to answer my questions and he"s been extremely helpful. I highly recommend the Blueprint Recording Method."
Nathan D
"Owen, I am very excited to view the new videos you have added this week. Thank you! P.S. I love your easy home recording method!"
Ioannis A
"Owen, hello from Athens! Keep doing this wonderful job of yours. You and the Easy Home Recording Blueprint are truly genius and inspiring. Can't wait for the new videos, etc. You are awesome dude."
Messages From Songwriters Using The Home Recording Blueprint